A flies have caused a car accident: the vehicle is out of control

Resulting in both the car and the steel fence serious damage
The weather gradually cool down, insects, flies and other small animals can not resist the outside of the cold, like to find a warm place to "settle", for example, the car is a good greenhouse. However, the limited space inside the car flew into a "indulge in flurry" flies, really let people suck. This is not, recently in Zhenhai staged a real version of the Indian film "Kung Fu flies", a flies triggered a car accident. October 29 at 8:40 Xu, Chen driving a car along the east side of the East Central Road motorway from north to south to the Han Tong overpass near, a flies have been flying in their own cab, provoke Chen A bother, can not help but to beat, the results, the flies did not hit, it touches his car out of control, the car straight to the right sharp turn directly hit the roadside steel fence, leading to damage to the car and steel fence Serious, the car cab and co-pilot airbags all pop, one of the passengers forehead injured, cervical fractures.

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